Lover without "L"

2. srpna 2016 v 7:47 | Ondřej Bezstarosti
I remember that white bench
we both sit on
and watch a big storm
over there, over the sea

I remember your smile
I remember your green eyes
what always said: I love you.
And all was be true, no lies

I was felt your fear
when was storm comes
You was grab me in bed
kiss me and said:

You promise me!
You will always protect me!
And I was promise,
because I loves you......


One week later I saw you.
Your eyes don´t said I love you
They said I don´t know you
And I propably don´t know you too,
said my crazy heart.

I don´t fulfill that promise.
But one thing you must know.
I was really loves you.
Like sun loves moon.

The feels are different
now you don´t have a fear
It´s me, who have him
But I don´t grab you

Because you aren´t here
you will never be whith me
just that memories
and fear of my love to you
And just of that fuckin big spider on the wall
what watching me between i write this...

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